ePlanner is an easy-to-use personal project planner for keeping track of to-do lists or small projects. You can use as much of it as you like, and you are not forced to provide information you don't need.

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There are many to-do list apps available, so why build another one? I felt that the existing ones were either too simple (just a list) or too complex (full-blown project management). I wanted something easy-to-use and flexible. So I developed ePlanner.

With ePlanner, you can decide how much you want to do. And you can make use of its more advanced features as you get comfortable with it — in a way ePlanner 'grows' with you.

Initially, you can simply use it as a list of actions. If you want, you can add priorities and due dates to them (but you don't have to), and you can sort your actions/tasks by simply shaking your iPhone or iPod. If you have too many actions, just introduce projects: each projects can have a number of actions associated with them. And you can choose to hide those actions from the default display. You will still be alerted when their due date is reached.

For longer term goals, you can set yourself targets or milestones. Specify where you want to be in 2 months' time. And then select whether you achieved your goal or not.

To help you organise your diverse activities, you can use tags. Choose any label, and attach tags to your actions, goals, and projects. Select a tag, and you can see everything that has been tagged with it. Use tags for locations/contexts (eg 'home' or 'work'), or different areas of your work ('teaching' or 'programming'). You can also use multiple tags.

And finally, you can take notes for reference, a 'someday' list, or simply for notes.

With ePlanner, I am eating my own dogfood: I have developed it to do what I want a project planning app to do, and I'm using it myself every day. This way I have already been able to improve the usability during the app's development. ePlanner has few features, but all of them are important and useful. That is because I removed everything I thought was not essential. No bloat, and no steep learning curve.


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